How Bad is Rust?


It’s one of the first things most people learn during their time with metals, rust is bad. It happens when metal is exposed to oxygen in the process of Oxidation. A chemical reaction takes place that causes the metals to change in coloration and structurally weakens them.

spray type deaerator

Rust weakens metal, and a weaker metal won’t be able to hold too much weight. This might be okay if it’s a metal part or trinket that might be used, but consider how many chairs, bridges, and buildings are made from metals like steel and iron. Having a chair that can’t support weight might be an embarrassment, but having the steel parts of a large iron bridge or overpass be weakened is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

In addition, rust can cause tetanus, an extremely dangerous disease that can kill a human being. If a rusted object comes into contact with your bloodstream then you need to see a doctor right away. This is why there are special paints and sprays to protect the outside of buildings from rust, and metal bits that could be exposed are inspected regularly.

Since rust is caused by oxygen and water coming into contact with metal, the insides of pipes are vulnerable to rusting. A spray type deaerator is often used to remove the gases from water that travels inside of pipes. This is done by increasing heat to cause the gases to become more water soluble, and then they are vented out while the clean water flows in a different direction.

Rust can be a serious danger, but there are many home remedies and professional fixes to ensure it doesn’t spread on your metals. As long as you check regularly and apply these fixes, as well as repair and replace previously rusted parts, then your metals will stay safe!