Technology has progressed a lot in this era and tech news updates every individual. So everyone wants to have a lame light and for that, they use various apps to be in touch with their close ones. INSTAGRAM is one of those apps which is very popular among people. Every single person would love to post their pictures on INSTAGRAM but unfortunately, most of the people don’t know how to upload their pictures.

So no worries, we are here to help you out by letting you know different ways to move your amazing pictures from your desktop to INSTAGRAM. Let’s dive in.

1.        The first app is BlueStacks. This tech news app player runs your one of the favorite mobile apps quick and full screen in your PC browser. This app also helps to run top apps like Telegram, Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run 2 and so on. So by using this app, you don’t only run INSTAGRAM but other apps very easily. So I think you should go for this app like 10 millions of people around the world who use this app.

2.       The second one is Instapic “the Instagram desktop app instapic”. It is very easy to use, very well designed and has editing tools. This is an unofficial Windows for using INSTAGRAM where you can share your pictures. With the help of Instapic, you can share your stuff like upload your pictures, view your friends, comments on different photos on iPhone and Android as a certified Instagram customer. It can track your friends. It has search and image download functions and for that, you should have an Instagram account obviously. But it is limited to INSTAGRAM. Learn more.

3.       The third app is Gramblr. It is also used to upload the pictures on INSTAGRAM. People find it difficult to upload their pictures from desktop to INSTAGRAM but now it quite easy by using Gramblr as this a desktop app for Windows and also for Mac version. You can also add comments and tags as well. It has an option to share on other social media platforms like on Facebook and Twitter. This is really tech news app. This app makes this trouble-free for you that you can share your photos direct from your desktop instead of first transferring your pictures from desktop to your mobile and then on INSTAGRAM. This is a free app. But it uploads one picture at a time and there is no filter in it.

4.       The fourth one is It simply programs and handles your INSTAGRAM posts. You can upload your photos from the website or phone. It has a function that you can manage your photos from the web app or mobile app too. So just install it and use this as a free app.

5.       The fifth app is This is one of the easiest ways to manage your INSTAGRAM account. It is a very supportive app for a business like you can simply deal with your clients and brand stuff. It has a feature of web uploading, support multiple accounts and scheduling. It is a very powerful app but it is not free. It does have diverse plans as well.

So above we have gone through the details of five apps those are very valuable tech news app to upload your pictures direct from the desktop. So if you are tired by transferring your pictures from your computer to mobile for sharing purpose on INSTAGRAM then simply download above apps and make your life unproblematic. More details in site:


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