Instagram desktop app instapic

Instagram desktop app instapic

Instagram is one of the incredibly popular social media apps attracting millions of users. Unfortunately, the app can run on windows lacking desktop clients as well as the ability to manage multiple accounts at once. This problem raises the use of instagram desktop app instapic. This mistake new owners and developers at the headquarters of Facebook are not trying to resolve by creating an app to run on the window has given rise to several thirds is put to work, and we offer what does the service alone.

Instagram desktop app instapic offers Instagram for PC client made by third parties that let you upload photos.

Instagram for PC client

It’s from this client where you can register an Instagram account where you can log on and use multiple accounts (profiles).  Instagram for PC client can now comment on photos and follow users the same way they do on Android, do like. Best of the entire user can upload and edit photos directly from the app.

The instapic has been seen to leverage the benefits of Windows 8 Metro apps thus you can pin pinning the users to your home screen or taskbar. Thus allows easy access if a user with just one click away from your favorite Instagram account.

Instagram desktop app instapic

Instagram desktop app instapic makes its possible:

  • You can do “re-post” photos from other users
  • Has a button reminds for twitter retweets
  • Have search capabilities
  • a manager to download the pictures
  • allow photos saving on the PC or tablet

Note that this app is not related to instagram and function completely impendent. If you need to know more you can visit our top article here. The app is available in the Windows Store. Its offers a great option for those who don’t like using the phone and are always on pc or manage multiple accounts.


Instagram desktop app instapic is only for windows 8, and then this isn’t for you.

To use the app other than on Windows 8 you will need PIXSTA. It allows the instagram application for windows 7 and xp.  You can easily download pixta as it’s a small app 2MB and you don’t need blue stacks for other applications.

Specific Instagram desktop app instapic features include fluid and intuitive layout. Configure Multiple Instagram Accounts and switch between them were seamlessly as well as easy to search for new users, places, and tags. You can like and comment on your follower’s photos.

The app offers to link to find and follows your Facebook, twitter friends and address book contacts on instagram. You can also send and receive private direct messages, capture edit and upload photos.

Lastly, check other new tweaks as well as features that include the ability to upload slow-motion videos. You can also visit this link: here. You enjoy real-time commenting while still doing cropping and straightening, the adjust tool will now also let you scale and skew your photo, and the ability to personalize your tray of filters.

When you’re choosing filters, there is a preview of the actual picture for each option, in its place of the hot air balloon Instagram used to use. Instagram desktop app instapic is indeed an evolutional app.


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