How to Upload Photos to Instagram from a Windows PC?

Instagram is one of the fastest growing Tech News sites when it comes to sharing photographs online. The website has over 400 million active users, and 75 million people logging on every day. The site offers its users filter enhancing creations and also dozens of options to customize and edit their photos. To access Instagram, you will usually have to use the phone application, however you can also upload photos through your PC. In this article we will help show you how you can easily upload photos through your windows PC rather than on the iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy phones.

How to Use Instagram On the Web?

Start by visiting and logging into your account through the official Instagram account. You might expect this to allow you to use all the features you would on the phone application, however, you can’t upload any images. Once your login in, the main page will display a photo feed of what would have in the application itself. As usual the top of the page will display three icons on the upper right corner. There is a button to explore, one for notifications, as well as one for your profile. On the website you can now download a dedicated Instagram windows app from the windows store while using a windows laptop or tablet.

How to Use Instagram with Instapic

There are multiple ways to use third party applications to extend Instagram’s features on a Windows PC. Isotopic can be downloaded from the windows application store. To do this go to the taskbar on your Windows PV and clock on the shopping icon. Once the store opens you’ll need to click on the search which is located in the upper right corker and enter into the InstaPic website. Once you’re gotten into the application, click on the screen with the Free button to install it onto your machine. When your application is launched you’ll need to register an account. Once you’ve done that along the top of the screen you’ll see multiple icons for Search, Notifications/Likes, Profile, and Instagram Direct.

How to Use Instagram Direct?

Instagram direct is located within Instapic. Use the same steps that is located for the Instapic installation. Once you have it installed you can open up an imaging application that will have access to your webcam. You will be able to take pictures through this application by either clicking on the blue circular button or by clicking on the rectangular button located to the left. All of the options will be given to you as if you were on Instagram. You can enhance the image to your liking by using cropping, filters, and many more editing features.

In Conclusion

While it is impractical to use Instagram on a Windows PC, it is still possible. Not everyone has access to the mobile application, and sometimes you just want to upload a picture without going through too much hassle. Instagram is one of the most popular, if not the sot popular, picture website. So, it’s important to keep your photo feed up to date with an upload from time to time. Edit your photos the way you like, and then upload them to Instagram using the above motioned methods. They’ll be sure to work, and if you run into any trouble you can always check out some trouble shooting methods for the Instagram desktop app.

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